History & Mission

Our mission at Forever Young Home Care, LLC is to provide responsive client-centered and professional home care to our community with a goal of enhancing physical, psychological, and the spirit of those we serve.

Jennifer Parker
Founder & President

Forever Young Home Care was founded by Jennifer Parker. Jennifer’s grandmother, Grace, was diagnosed with Dementia that later developed into Alzheimer’s Disease. Being able to keep her in her home among familiar surroundings was the family’s top priority. Jennifer’s father, Larry, was also in need of assistance as he battled cancer and diabetes. The family was able to keep him home comfortably until he passed away in August of 2010. Throughout this ordeal, Jennifer recognized not only the need the elderly and their family members have for assistance in treatment and recovery, but also in performing menial tasks that are too often taken for granted.

Jennifer founded Forever Young Home Care out of personal passion for providing the most compassionate care possible to her own loved ones. The company’s goal is to provide the same care to you and your loved one.

Donna Nigro, RN
Agency Director & Nursing SupervisorВ 

Donna has a passion for providing amazing care to our clients.

Donna has many years of experience providing home care and supervising care providers. She is a competent and compassionate person who works hard to make sure that you or your loved one is receiving the best care possible. She conducts the initial assessments and subsequent re-assessments to be sure that the care plan in place is the most appropriate plan.В She is the mother of two wonderful children and very involved in our community

Please contact us to schedule your free in-home consultation.

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